Report: Aban Offshore lands jack-up contract with Vietsovpetro

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    Vietsovpetro, a Russian-Vietnamese joint company for oil and gas exploration, has reportedly hired one of Aban Offshore’s jack-up drilling rigs.

    According to information provided by VesselsValue, Vietsovpetro, a JV company between Zarubezhneft and PetroVietnam, hired the Deep Driller 8 jack-up drilling rig.

    The contract for the rig was fixed on Sunday, April 16, and will begin on April 30. The two-month contract will end on June 29, 2017.

    According to the latest available AIS data, the rig is currently positioned off Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, where it arrived on April 10.

    The Deep Driller 8 is of a Keppel FELS Super B Class design with the capability to drill high-pressure high-temperature wells up to 35,000 ft at a maximum 350 ft water depth. The rig has a 70 ft cantilever, accommodation for 120 people, and three 2,200 bhp mud pumps.

    The rig was delivered to the Indian drilling contractor Aban in 2009. For the largest part since its delivery, the Deep Driller 8 was employed by Brunei Shell Petroleum. The jack-up worked over five years for Shell, between September 2010 and November 2015.

    Offshore Energy Today has reached out to the driller seeking confirmation and further details on the rig’s new contract. However, we are yet to receive any response from the company.

    Offshore Energy Today Staff​

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