SOCO International Says Te Giac Trang Drilling Programme Resumes

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    SOCO International PLC on Monday said drilling has resumed on the Te Giac Trang site, offshore southern Vietnam.

    The oil and gas producer said Hoang Long Joint Operating Company resumed the drilling programme, with the jack-up drilling rig now moving on to location at the H1 Wellhead Platform.

    Preparations to commence drilling at Te Giac Trang H1-30P well into the crestal part of the H1.1 fault block were completed and the well was spudded last Wednesday.

    The well will target the Miocene and Oligocene reservoir horizons and SOCO said it expects the well to be drilled and completed in 30 days.

    Once this well completes, the jack-up drilling will will then move to H5-WHP to continue the remaining two well drilling programme.

    Shares in SOCO were up 0.2% at 130.25 pence on Monday morning.

    By Hannah Boland;; @Hannaheboland

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